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About Me


My name is Arnuld Uttre. Yes, I am the same arnuld who runs another blog on lispmachine (dot) [please ignore everything] wordpress (dot) [in brackets] com. That’s primarily about software. This blog is about what I do in my little personal time I get after my job. My blog is only about Martial-Arts, Life-Experiences with little bits of autobiography scattered here and there. Feel free to mail me, if you like to. My email ID is my First Name, then a dot, a Martial-Art named Mizong, at the website owned by very popular Google search engine, and of course with a dot com in the end.

Since most people always pronounce my name in a wrong way, therefore here is the lesson:


(pronounce U like in BUT. No it is neither ARNOLD nor ARN-OOOOO-LD)



(again, pronounce U like in BUT and TTRE like you pronounce TREE, just remember, speak T in Russian accent, like you speak T in DIMITRI )